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Instructions for registration - Requirements
  • Accommodation

    In order to get a room, two criteria are decisive: the NEED FOR A ROOM, and the STUDY SUCCESS
    (For beginners, proof of matriculation is sufficient).

  • Deposit

    A security deposit of Euro 400, – is to be deposited.

  • Processing fee

    A one-time processing fee of Euro 30,- has to be paid.

  • Privacy

    The information you receive will be treated confidentially and used exclusively for the processing of your registration. Naturally, no personal data, which are required in this application form, will be passed on to third parties.

We look forward to your registration.

After receiving the request, we will contact you within the next 5 business days.


If you have any questions, please contact us by phone +43 732/24 40 31 – 201 or Mail: