Each room has access to the 100Mb LAN network socket per workstation

You do NOT need IT knowledge to connect to the Internet in the room.
The network settings are automatically assigned.
A suitable network cable can be purchased at the office.

By using the network access in the home you accept the user order of the ZID
(Read below http://www.zid.jku.at/allgemeines/rechtsstellung/BBOvRA%209_00.pdf)
In particular, the use of file sharing tools (torrent, eDonkey, etc.) as well as the operation of non-university servers are strictly prohibited, and violations may result in the exclusion from the university network as well as legal consequences.

It should be pointed out that every user is responsible for his PC / notebook itself!
In particular, virus scanners should be kept up-to-date as well as the updates for Microsoft operating systems
Are regularly downloaded.

There is a cable / TV connection in every room.

In the Aula there is a WLAN, which can be used with the JKU access data.