Johannes Kepler Heim provides free parking for all residents

The “first come, first serve” principle applies.

According to §7 (3) of the Home Regulations of the Johannes Keplerheim, only vehicles can be parked in the parking lot for which a park authorization has been applied and this is visibly installed in the vehicle.

Any misuse, parking in traffic areas, adjustment of access roads for trucks (eg utility vehicles, garbage collection, fire brigade etc.) or parking on areas not designated as parking may be punished with the withdrawal of parking authorization.

Any car driver who parked a car without a parking permit card in the car park or parked in a traffic-restricted manner must be subject to a civil-law action.
(see: residence rules and regulations)

A parking authorization card can be obtained from the office by submitting a copy of the approval certificate (stating the name, room number and telephone number).

The parking authorization card must be clearly visible behind the windshield.