Founding history of the dorm

With the establishment of the “Social and Economic Sciences” in Linz in 1965, there was also a great demand for student hostels.


At that time there was a great upbringing mood and a lot of idealism in Linz. Thus, efforts were made by all political and ecclesiastical sides on a voluntary basis to create favorable housing opportunities for students.


The founder of our home – Dr. Alfred Jelinek – was then chairman of the “Freiheitliche Akademiker in O.Ö.” and pursued the idea to build this dorm at the best place near college. The “Studentenhilfsverein in Linz” was founded as the home carrier, who had to raise funds for this. This difficult task was ultimately achieved with the support of politics, science and the general savings bank.
plaque Alfred Jelinek
The home was opened in 1974. The namesake “Johannes Kepler” (born 27 December 1571 in Weil der Stadt, 15 November 1630 in Regensburg), was a mathematician and astronomer, and also lived as a landscape historian in Linz (1612-1626). Johannes Kepler discovered the laws by which planets move around the sun. They are called after him Kepler’s laws. This is also the occasion for the “art at the construction” of our home. This work of art on the lift tower is by Hans Hoffman-Ybbs, an Austrian painter (born January 1, 1928 in Ybbs, Lower Austria, 30 August 2005 in Grieskirchen).


The name “Johannes Kepler Universität” has only been accepted by the university since 1980 (many years after our dormitory).

From 1995 to 1996, the home was raised by one floor and was generally renovated.

2017 – 2018 Renovation of all rooms with focus on bathrooms, kitchenettes, plumbing and security areas.

2022 – 2024 Gradual replacement of floor coverings in all rooms

2024 Replacement of external blinds throughout the dorm