Student Assistance Association in Linz – Non-profit Home Carrier

Modified version of 26 June 2019
Altenberger Straße 74, 4040 Linz

Rules for a good and harmonious living together in a large residential community.

(Additional explanations are defined in the house rules, which all dorm residents must sign each year at the beginning of the student dormitory year or when moving in.)


§ 1

Admission for a student accommodation in a student dorm is based on a written application, which must be approved by the dorm manager. In exceptional cases, a waiting list may be submitted to the admissions committee.


§ 2

  1. The following evidences are to be provided by newly arrived dorm residents:
    (a) Inscription confirmation or evidence, that the student is in the examination stage
    (b) Copy of passport or identity card
    (c) IBAN and BIC, SEPA direct debit authorization
  2. All student dorm residents are required to bring a proof of academic achievement to the home manager at the latest at the end of each academic year in accordance with the provisions of the study regulations.


§ 3

  1. Every student dorm resident is obliged to announce the home management an Austrian bank account, at a branch located in the country, for the purpose of a debit order. The monthly rent and the electricity are debited from this account in advance, all extras will be charged at the beginning of the next month. For the account cover care is to be taken. The amount of the rent is set by the board of the Student Assistance Association in Linz as a non-profit home carrier association at the beginning of each student dormitory year.
  2. The usage contract is concluded for one student dorm year, from September 15 to September 14 of the following year. First-year students have the option of concluding a tenancy agreement, for two student dorm years if this is expressly requested. After the contract period has expired, the contract ends without the need for further termination. Upon written application by the dorm resident, which must be submitted to the Dorm Mananger in writing and approved by April 30th before the end of the contract, a further extension is possible until September 14th of the following year. The usage contract can be terminated at the end of the winter semester and on July 15th. For the winter semester with the end of the contract February 28th (exception leap year) by November 30th at the latest and for the summer semester with the end of July 15th by April 30th at the latest. All dorm residents are subject to the provisions of the dorm order, the dorm guidelines and the dorm constitution.
  3. In case that a partner in a double room moves out earlier and this student accommodation will stay empty, so comes the fact that the remaining person gets a single room and also has to pay the single room price for the rest of the stay.
  4. For a premature termination of the contract of use by the student dorm owner, the provisions of the dormitory law apply.
  5. Without prejudice to the provisions of the dorm statute, the board of the student dorm is entitled to terminate the student accommodation, in case of unfounded default of payments of more than 4 weeks. In case of late payment of more than 8 weeks, the documents will be automatically handed over to the legal representative of the student dorm to assert the claim.

§ 4

  1. Every student dorm resident has rights and obligations stated in the StHG.
  2. Every student dorm resident must behave in such a way, that other persons are not disturbed.
  3. There is a total smoking ban throughout the student dorm. Therefore smoking is strictly prohibited in all common areas and rooms. Smokers have the opportunity to use the smoking area with the ashtrays in front of the entrance, the open spaces and the terrace. Cigarette stubs are to be disposed in the floor-standing ashtrays. In case of non-compliance, a written reprimand will be issued which may lead to the termination of the student accommodation.
  4. Dorm residents are advised to familiarize themselves with the fire safety regulations.
  5. The bringing of weapons into the student dorm is not permitted.
  6. From 22.00 to 06.00 o’clock is night rest. Disturbances during this time are considered as a breach to the student dorm community.
  7. All community facilities as well as the auditorium and the buffet area are freely available to the dorm residents. The dorm residents must ensure, that these facilities stay in good conditions (especially cleanliness after leaving). The use of the lecture halls (no common rooms) requires the special permission of the dorm manager.
  8. Community events, which in principle may only take place in the common rooms, require the consent of the dorm manager. The dorm manager, in consultation with the dorm speaker (if a dorm speaker is elected), will also determine the length of the event and the cleaning after the event. The house staff has to be timely informed. All used premises are to be brought by the organizer into a condition, which guarantees a usual cleaning by 6.00 a.m.. For every event, a responsible person must be named in advance.
  9. Anyone coming home during the night’s rest must conscientiously close the main entrance doors. The main entrance doors are not to be impaired in their function and must not be manipulated. Any kind of manipulation is considered as a breach to the student dorm community.
  10. The emergency exit doors must be kept closed at all times and opened only in case of emergency. These doors must not be impaired in their function and must not be adjusted, blocked or otherwise manipulated. Any kind of manipulation is considered as a breach to the student dorm community.

§ 5

  1. Non-student dorm residents may not overnight in the student dorm without the express permission of the dorm manager (as defined in the home rules). If a dorm resident violates this provision, the dorm resident loses the student accommodation in case of recurrence.
  2. The student dorm residents are expressly forbidden to pass on their student accommodations to third parties or to rent them in whole or in part. Violations lead to exclusion from the student dorm.
  3. All visitors have to adhere to the house rules. Any resident receiving visitors is solely responsible for their behavior in the student dorm and the dorm manager is entitled to charge a reasonable fee.
  4. Leaving the chip key to third parties is strictly prohibited.
  5. The dorm manager and the house staff can enter the rooms by prior notification by e-mail or telephone (at least 48 hours in advance). In the case of imminent danger (fire, water, other serious material damage, etc.) or in the case of concrete suspicion of non-compliance with the house rules, the home manager and the house staff are entitled to enter the rooms immediately. If dorm residents report damages to be repaired by the student dorm, this includes access to the rooms without prior notice. The cleaning times are advertised.
  6. Student dorm residents are required to give a current email address and telephone number when moving in. The dorm manager is entitled to send emails to this email address. They are regarded as delivered until the announcement of a new email address. Dorm residents are obligated to immediately post changes of the e-mail address and telephone number.
  7. For dorm events, the student representatives (if elected) exercise the house right by mutual agreement with the dorm manager. They ensure that the good reputation of the student dorm is maintained. Basically, only invited guests have access to events at the student dorm, dorm residents are responsible for the behavior of the guests they have invited.


§ 6

  1. Each student accommodation must be taken over personally on the day of takeover the accommodation, by means of a room takeover protocol, by the person moving in. This protocol must be completed and signed (in a double room of both). With regard to any damages not reported in this protocol, the resident is required to prove that such damages already existed at the time of handover the accommodation. Damages must be paid by every resident by himself/herself. All damages must be reported. The dorm manager takes care of quick repair.
  2. In the double room both persons are liable for damages.
  3. In the case of damages arising in the common areas, the student representatives (if elected) is liable within its budget, unless the person responsible can be found. A personal liability does not apply to the student representatives.
  4. Dorm residents are obliged to treat the inventory of the accommodations and all other rooms with the utmost care, to avoid contamination and to report damages or loss without delay. A dorm resident who does not report any damages cannot claim, that the damage was already before moving in. The dorm resident is liable for damages caused by him/her or his/her guests. The accommodation must be always kept clean for the weekly cleaning or necessary repair to be properly carried out.
  5. For cleaning or repair works, access for authorized persons is to be granted from 08:00 a.m. upon prior notification. To avert an immediate danger, or in case of a concrete suspicion of non-compliance home rules, an announcement before entering a student accommdation is not required. Student dorm residents are prohibited to give instructions to the maintenance staff or using them for personal services.
  6. Removal or alteration of furnitures and beds used in the student accommodation, as well as unauthorized changes of the room, is absolute prohibited.
  7. Gluing the walls and doors is not allowed. Also, no nails or screws may be brought into the walls / furnitures.
  8. In the case of loss of a chip key or mailbox key, the dorm manager must be informed immediately.


§ 7

  1. All electrical appliances operated by the dorm residents must comply with the applicable statutory safety regulations. All chargers should be removed from the socket when leaving the accommodation.
  2. Animal husbandry of any kind is prohibited in the student dorm.


§ 8

  1. It should be noted, that there is no continuous monitoring of the access to the student dorm. Therefore, the room doors and windows should be kept closed during the absence. The landlord is not liable for lost or damaged private property. In this context, attention is drawn to the possibility of private liability insurance or student insurance.
  2. The conclusion of a household insurance is not mandatory, but beneficial. When reporting a primary residence in the Johannes Kepler student dorm, the dorm resident is free to take additional household insurance. In case of reporting a secondary residence, the insurance of the parents can partially insure the dorm resident during the stay. This must be imperative to clarify individually. The landlord’s insurance is NOT liable for damages caused by the dorm residents or their lost or damaged private property.
  3. Every dorm resident should be sparing with water and energy.


§ 9

  1. The washing of motor vehicles and two-wheelers is prohibited in the entire outdoor area of the student dorm, as well as the performance of service and repair works.
  2. The use of parking places and outdoor facilities is at own risk. For parked vehicles, the landlord assumes no liability. Only motor vehicles and two-wheelers with a police registration number may be parked. The provisions of the parking regulations must be strictly adhered to.
  3. Motor vehicles may only be parked on the property if the dorm resident has a valid parking card visibly attached behind the windscreen. This parking card is available in the office. Any misuse such as parking on traffic areas, the parking of cars on truck access roads (fire brigade, waste disposal, supply vehicles) or parking on unmarked areas, can be punished with the withdrawal of the parking permit. The vehicle owner is liable for all damages incurred. Every driver who places a vehicle without a parking permit card on the student dorm parking place or has parked in a traffic-obstructing manner must expect a lawsuit. Visitors are not allowed to park at the parking place of the student dorm, in case of violation must be reckoned with a lawsuit.
  4. All external surfaces including inventory and greenery are to be treated with care.


§ 10

The student representatives (if elected) consists of: Home speaker + substitute and the speakers of the respective floors. The election mode is set in the home constitution.

§ 11

  1. The home order enters into force with the approval of the board and the student dorm manager.
  2. Violations of these home order are considered as a heavy offense within the meaning of the dorm constitution against the dorm community. In case of recurrence, the student dorm manager can express a threat of termination. The warning will be in writing stating the facts.